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Supported Projects

Chandias giftshop"Chandia's Giftshop"is one of our projects supporting the locals and the community. Chandia herself is sowing these nice Kitenge and Kikoye clothes and bags. The money she earns is supporting her 3 kids plus 6 other kids she’s taking care of. School fees, clothes and food for 9 kids can be provided through her work. But in her shop, different people and organizations are selling their self made products. We are supporting the following:

“St. Moses” is an NGO working with orphans and running a primary school. Gabi, administrator for many, many years is our contact person and a good old friend of Kingfisher. By selling postcards we are supporting this NGO.

“The small honey man”
All the honey products, may it be the candles, the “honey in the hut” or “Kingfisher Honey” are done by locals from northern and western Uganda. Lester, a Singapore started some years ago to train and teach locals in beekeeping. Nowadays some hundred families have an income by doing so. Together with his friend Mei he is also doing these nice crispy snacks, the vervain products and provides us with the banana bags and these nice keyholders. Some more information can be found on their website.

Kilombera Weavery“Kilombera”
It is a local weaving mill located on road going to the “Bujagali Falls”. They are weaving and dyeing the Kikoye material themselves. That’s why it might be a bit more expensive than the usual kenya-imported Kikoyes you get in other places. If you are interested you can even go there and visit them. It is located half way between Jinja and Bujagali, signposted on the left. Open for visitors:
Monday - Friday: 09:00 - 17:00
Saturday: 09:00 - 12:00
Phone: +256 (0)782 306 602 / +256 (0)772 824 206

Last but not least there is Klaus who is doing all that metal stuff, like candle and wine holders etc. and the paintings. If you want, you can visit his gallery nearby (just a 10 minute walk)