Kingfisher Safaris Resort JinjaKingfisher Safaris Resort JinjaKingfisher Safaris Resort JinjaKingfisher Safaris Resort Jinja
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Kingfisher Safaris Resort Jinja

Kingfisher Safaris Resort

This place will be delighted in helping you to become acquainted with Uganda, its people and its flora and fauna in a sensitive way, so that local people and the environment will not be affected.
We are a friendly family hotel under german management, located 82 km from Kampala and 9 km from Jinja. We offer our guests a comfortable and pleasant stay for a reasonable price. Our hotel is situated in one of the most beautiful places in Uganda with a spectacular view of the Lake Vicotria.
The resort is an ideal base for bird watching, tours on the Lake Victoria, white water rafting on the Nile and safaris through East Africa. That is why the resort is well known for its perfect surroundings for those tourists who would like to experience and learn about the rich African culture.
Visit our website and find out more about the resort, the unique countryside of Uganda and the great possibilities for a different kind of experience.


This country provides travellers with impressions of a unique nature and scenery away from the stream of mass tourism. Therefore many unique encounters with African flora and fauna and culture are guaranteed.
The variety and the marvellous nature and culture are the attractions of Uganda. The spectrum extends from the herds of animals in the savanna, the overwhelming variety of birds at the Lake Victoria and the Lakes of the Albertine Rift to the spectacular waterfalls of the Nile, dense tropic rainforests with chimpanzees and a lot of other primates up to the famous mountain gorillas.
You will be captivated by the fascinating beauty of the Virunga-Volcanoes, the Ruwenzori-Mountains and the Mt. Elgon that definitely belong to the most attractive mountain ranges in Africa. Their visitors get to know a mysterious world.
Tourism in Uganda is still underdeveloped. It is only recently that more and more people have realized that the country offers wonderful places for tourists particularly interested in bird watching and an eco-, cultural and safari tourism.Become acquainted with the African way of life, enjoy the hospitality and meet the friendly local people.